Monday, May 05, 2008

Cannonball Run

I got up this morning with some ambitious ideas of making it the 820 miles from Jackson, TN to Amarillo, TX in 1 day. It was not meant to be. I got as far as Elk City, OK, and called it a day. Being so close to the end of the trip, now would be a really inopportune time for some bad judgment and pushing too hard in one day. So I found a hotel, with a laundromat across the street. My laundry is done, and I'm probably going to turn in early tonight, I'm pretty beat. 680 miles in one day is still pretty respectable.

There's a Historic Route 66 museum here in town that I'm going to check out in the morning, then head to the Big Texan in Amarillo for lunch. From there, I'll see if I feel like pressing straight on to Albuquerque, or head southwest to Roswell. Still making things up as I go along. I've pretty much seen everything and everyone I've wanted to on this trip, except for the Grand Canyon, friends in Phoenix, and friends in San Diego. Those are my only 3 goals left at this point, and then I just really want to be in my own bed.


djv2360 said...

680 miles if very respectable, but nowhere near an ironman butt ride. You did the right thing though. If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon it's a must. Don't miss it. Have fun and remember to keep the shinny side up and the rubber side down.

Unknown said...

Hey there buddy! Personally I think 680mi on a bike in one day (being over the age of 30) is more then respectable. I know I can't ride my ZX-6R for anything like half that with out a weeks worth of back pain.

Geo linked me to this blog and I'm very happy to see you doing such a long trip! I owe a couple of recently passed friends a journey of my own. I'm figuring out how to do it.

Unknown said...

BTW maestro209 = Lance of the MNR crowd!

Geo Mealer said...

Heh, I fear the Iron Man butt ride. I think that part ended up on the cutting room floor. :)

Glad you didn't push yourself. It can really cut down your awareness, IME.

Looking forward to seeing you back here safe and sound, and hearing all the stories not safe to post! ;)