Thursday, May 01, 2008

Slingshot States

After a late night cheese steak and not enough sleep, I headed south from Collegeville, PA. It rained in Delaware, but was only cloudy through Maryland, and then sunny in Virgina. Riding across the Chesapeake Bay bridge was neat, even though the wind was blowing pretty strong, and I just know it was eyeballing my tail bag.

300 miles later, I'm at the Beebe household in Virginia Beach. After dinner we stopped by Caroline and Rex's house to say hi while I was in town.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel, something I've never done. Then, it's time to start the return leg of the journey and get on my way West with Asheville, NC being where I'm aiming to end up for the night.

The new tires are decently scrubbed in at this point, and I like the way they feel a good bit more than the stock tires.

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susan said...

You've witnessed spring on this trip, evident in the lush garden/pond shades of green shots. The Dr. Who booth is great with its complementary color blast contrast. Your diner night shots and cheesy beef are sizzling and perfect in detail; quit making me hungry. Have fun in NC where, if I remember right, there were no actual stop lights.