Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

2 days worth of updates for the price of one today.

Spent yesterday with a bunch of friends in NY City. Thanks to everyone who made it out last night, it was great to see you all. A big thanks to Jesse and Casey for putting me up for a few days.

Headed out this morning after a brief photo session of bike & kids and stopped by my old neighborhood in Queens. Took a few pics, and then headed over the Whitestone Bridge, cut across the Bronx through some nasty traffic, over the George Washington Bridge, and into New Jersey. I think I just threw up a little from typing that. Through NJ and into Pennsylvania, where I stopped at Montgomeryville Cycle Center, who were able to secure a set of new tires for me by today, and fit me into their schedule when I showed up. The Concours now is sporting a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2's, having flatspotted the stock Bridgestones after 4100 miles, a lot of them interstate miles.

From the bike shop I headed to Patrick's house, where he and Jim K. were waiting for me with a cold Brooklyn Lager with my name on it. Swapped boots for shoes, and then headed out for dinner. Now we're back for a bit, I'm working on a Black Chocolate Stout, and we're going for a genuine Philly cheesesteak run in a while.

Chicks dig my ride. Helene on the Concours.

I am WAY faster than you, Brad.

Jack and Helene going 2-up.

Perfect fit.


Stephanie said...

That black chocolate stout looks amazing. I bet I can't get them here though.

Cute kids. Say hi to Patrick and Jim for me!

Chuff said...

cute pics!

Jesse Erlbaum said...

Was great to see you! Happy hunting for the return trip.

motorcycle girl said...

Good - fresh rubber for the Dragon!! Get a move on, and I'll hook up with ya somewhere in Hillbilly Country this weekend.

Rubber side down....