Monday, April 21, 2008

Still going...

Made it from Rochester, MN to Bartlett, IL (about 40 miles outside of Chicago) today without incident. Minnesota was in a slightly better mood today, and the wind was more of a gentle massage compared to the beatings of the last 2 days. Once into Wisconsin, vast expanses of nothingness gave way to trees, rivers, and generally happier riding conditions. Stopped a couple of times to stretch and drink water, and made it to Susan & Mike's house in Bartlett in record time.

The fine folks at had my replacement riding pants and tail bag in stock, and will be delivered here tomorrow. I've gone this long without an electric vest, I figure I'll just not bother replacing it for now.

Tomorrow, a break from riding and some relaxing.

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tonymiley said...

Hey Brad -

Still following along here from sunny Campbell, CA.

All the best.