Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 1 Report

Coming at you live from a Best Western in Eureka. Very long day today. San Jose to Eureka, up 1/101 the whole way. I'm done with twisties for a while, a day or two of straighter roads would be fine by me. My first stop was in Tomales, for a light lunch. I met a bunch of folks out on a ride having lunch as well, they wished me luck on the trip. As I was getting ready to head out, another couple on BMW touring bikes rolled up, and we chatted for a while as well. I think they're even going to follow the blog. Continued back up 1, stopped for gas, and kept going. Stopped in Ft. Bragg next for a coffee, which held the feeling bad at bay for a bit. Back on 1, more twisties through the redwoods. Lovely scenery, but I was hustling pretty good to make sure I was out of the woods by the time it got dark. I stopped about 80 miles south of Eureka for a hot cocoa and energy bar, which helped a lot. Back on the bike, and on 101 in the dark. Made it to Eureka around 9:30 PM.

Things I learned today:
I need to stop more to drink water and eat small bits of food. I didn't eat much today, and felt really crappy at times because of it. I'd stop and drink some water and eat a Tiger's Milk bar, and start to feel better. If I did this regularly BEFORE I felt bad, I think I can go longer because I'd not feel crappy. I will try this tomorrow.

XM antenna for the GPS, worth every penny.

I will try and hit the SPOT "I'm OK" button more.

And I will get some pictures up on here soon, I promise.

Now that I've had some food, it's time for bed. Tomorrow I am planning to make it to Tillamook, OR.


Anonymous said...

That section of 1/101 that curves away from the coast and through the woods is tough. I remember that. I'm just thinking of all the geocaches you're riding past. :)

Shane said...

Did you bring a Camelback with you? My dad and I will ride with Camelbacks and take sips when we get thirsty to stay hydrated. If not you might try to pick one up during a stop.

R6Chick said...

The Camelback suggestion is an excellent one. I take one on long trips and that helps keep the crappy feeling away. More frequent rest and energy bar breaks is a good plan. Have fun!

cstatman said...

fill your camelback with WHISKEY. Water's for showers.