Friday, April 25, 2008

A New York State of mind

Headed out from Shawn's in Oshawa, Ontario this morning and headed east along the north shore of Lake Ontario. The breeze off the lake was a little cool, but worse than any chill was the smell of pig-poop fertilizer it brought with it. One last farewell to Tim Horton's at a rest stop in Kingston, and it was time to try my luck getting back into the USA. A pleasant 5 minute chat with the border guard about my trip, I was on my way over the final bridge and back on American soil.

Once in New York State, the temperature warmed up, so I pulled into the first rest stop I got to and took the liner out of the jacket. Stretched for a few minutes, and was back on my way. Even though I was on an Interstate, I81 is a pretty scenic drive. New York State is chock full of trees and lakes, and lots of rolling hills along that route. At Binghamton, I hung a left and headed southeast to my mom's house. After a little over 400 miles of riding, I arrived.

If you check the "Where is Brad" map, you'll see that I'm in the sticks. Right now I'm posting this from the oh-so-speedy AT&T EDGE cellular network, which is painfully slow. So I probably won't be updating this weekend unless I head into a town with a Starbucks or something. I am looking forward to sleeping late for a couple of days, taking a break from riding, and spending some time with mom.

Made it to NY!


cstatman said...

you hug her for ME.

Geo Mealer said...

Say hi to your mom for me!

Emy said...

Aw, your mom's so cute. Love to both of you!

Unknown said...

Great picture! And looking at 'WB?', I see you're on the doorstep of my 'spiritual' home, Bethel/ White Lake / Yasgur's Farm.

Denis said...

Hey Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be home sooner than expected. As of right now it looks like I'll be back in Virginia around Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week, so let me know if you're going to be coming anywhere near where I live. You still have my card with my numbers, so just give me a call.

Hope the trip is going well.


Anonymous said...

Say hi to Arlene for me :-) And let her know that Bonnie blows her a kiss :-*