Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lord of the Flies

I'm now in Forest Hills, Queens NY, at Jesse's place (the one who made the fancy map that's tracking me). Now that I've got a decent net connection, and am no longer attempting to upload pictures via smoke signal, there are some new pics in the flickr photostream.

I had a very nice time at my mom's place for the last two days, even though I'm not much of a country person. The worst part were the omnipresent mayflies (who clearly cannot read, as it is still APRIL and they should not have been around yet). This morning when I tried to wash all of their slain brethren from my bike, they tried to eat me alive. I did manage to get most of the bug debris off of the windscreen and headlights with John's help, but the bike is going to need a serious detailing when this trip is over. Heading into their place Friday night, I could barely see through the screen, or my helmet visor. I had to close all the helmet vents because they were getting inside the helmet. Eww.

Mayfly genocide, courtesy of the Concours.

This took a good 45 minutes to get clean.

Mom lives a couple of miles from Yasgur's Farm, and the area is being bought up in huge chunks by a developer and turning the place into a music conservatory. But we stopped by so I could take a few pictures.

This is where hippies come from.

Lastly, now that I'm in the city, I have traded one road hazard for another. I no longer have to worry about suicidal wildlife leaping at me from the side of the road. Instead, I have to beware vehicles sporting New Jersey license plates.

Now I think I'll go get a slice of pizza.


Geo Mealer said...

Heh, re: hippies. from, to, and at, I'd say.

That's a lot of mayfly. Yech.

Marc said...

HEY!!! All my vehicles have NJ license plates! What are you trying to say?

serene said...

When you stop in new jersey, say HI to the Jonas Brothers! Just kidding, they are in FL right now.