Monday, April 14, 2008

Seattle is still wet, Vancouver is not

Spent the morning with Anne and Kevin in Seattle this morning, and took a bunch of photos which you can see to the right with the little flickr widget. We went to the space needle, and the rain did not fall on us for the time we spent on the observation deck. Next to the needle is the Science Fiction Museum, which while small was quite good. It's attached to the Experience Music Project, which will have to wait until next time. From there, we checked out the first REI store, which is huge. There are a few pictures of that as well.

After picking up my faxed proof of insurance from Anne's office, I gathered up my stuff, suited up, and headed for a gas station. And then the rain started. And didn't stop until about 50 miles south of the Canadian border.

I'm now at Stephanie and Lu's house, in Coquitlam which is very close to Vancouver. Tomorrow I'm going to explore Vancouver, and then head back down to the US on Wednesday morning. Soon it will be time to do the break-in oil change on the bike.

Lastly, as requested, here are a few pictures of me in Tami's VW bug in Portland:


Jesse Erlbaum said...

According to your latest GPS position and Google satellite maps, you're poolside somewhere in Canada.

Unknown said...

Give Brad the Olympic torch! Brad for President! (We are playing along at home with your visual, real-time North American geography class.)

Chuff said...

Brad was thinking of leaving in the bug instead of the Concours14. I mean... look at the smile. Pure farfegnugen. :P

Stephanie said...


It's actually a trampoline, and it's a picture at least 4 years old. The previous owners of the house had one. :)

Unknown said...

At least you're not in my neighbor's bushes anymore!

So how many man points would those bug pictures set you back?

PS ... if you see this, you were right about Firefox.