Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seattle is wet

I put ~175 miles on the new bike today. Nothing too exciting, just I5 from Portland to Seattle. At least I5 up north is somewhat scenic, with trees and mountains all around. Unlike I5 south from San Jose to LA, which is just endless farmland and arrow-straight pavement for miles.

The new bike is quite excellent, even during the break-in period. In 6th gear it will cruise along at 80mph @ 3500 rpm. I kept moving around from 4-5-6 to keep the engine speed varied. The windscreen in the up position does a really good job of making the ride smoother. I didn't realize this until I moved it down while on the highway, and the difference was amazing. The seating / leg position is more sporty than the KLR, which puts more weight on my knees and less on my butt. The rump was fine after 175 miles, but my knees were not happy. More frequent stops will help, I did the whole ride today non-stop.

Seattle is rainy right now. I got a tour of the city with Anne and Kevin tonight, in their car, and took a few pictures to a) show I was here and b) show how crappy the weather is. But since I am on the cellular card tonight, pictures will get posted tomorrow from someplace with faster access speeds.

Just wanted to let my faithful readers that I am ok for tonight.


R6Chick said...

WOOHOO! On the road again!

Unknown said...

For the knees - Advil is your friend. Motorcycle road candy.... :)