Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cartography and stuff

If you look over to the right of the page, there's a new section called "Stuff to click on." Jesse put together a pretty slick tracking page to track all the OK signals I send from the SPOT locater beacon. Props to mutke too for some of the code he built it on.

Yes I know it says I'm still in Coos Bay. Tomorrow morning I'll go outside and send an OK signal from Portland so the map will update. I'm curious to see what route the map will think I took.

Called up the local Cycle Gear here in Portland and zipped over there before they closed. Got a shiny new helmet and some more appropriate boots.

Tomorrow I'll work on the jacket, some insurance for the new ride, and GPS gadgetry.


Unknown said...

Hey brad
I was talking to Dave at www.HighGearPowersports.com yesterday, he sure hopes your ok, and he is really P.O.'d you did not buy that bike from him, well there goes your discount.
Joking, he is as everyone there pretty happy all is good.

I love the looks of that Kawi, I sure hope you let me ride that bad boy, because I am now torn between that and the FJR

I look forward to your next part of the journey

Oh Ya These Posts mean nothing with out PICTURES

Killer said...

Is there NOTHING that can stop this man and his credit card? I flipped your trip status from RED to YELLOW, but you're going to need to haul ass to get back on schedule!

Can you post a counter on the blog with stats (e.g. SPOT product deficiencies reported/escalated, number of hitchhikers with unacceptable tattoos, bikes totaled, bars you wished you hadn't visited, Olympic torch protests, helmets consumed). Gotta have more metrics!

Katey Koehn said...

Hey Brad,

I am so glad that you're ok and that you are moving forward with your trip. Now that I know you're keeping a blog I can check in on you.

Thinking good thoughts and hoping that the rest of the trip is "uneventful".

-- Katey

Chuff said...

Oddly enough, the mapping update to Portland made the exact route we drove. (101N-38E-I5N)

Kudos to the programmer.