Friday, May 02, 2008

Out with the old...

Left VA Beach this morning and headed southeast, on my way to Asheville. The various law enforcement establishments must have had a ticket writing contest today, because they were everywhere. The "don't be the fastest guy on the road" technique worked very well today, as I did not contribute any funds towards outfitting a police cruiser with a new donut holder.

About 70 miles east of Asheville is Held USA, the US importer/distributor of Held stuff. I was running a bit late, so Charles called them up for me to tell me I was on my way, and they stayed a little late so I could stop by. Clay, the owner's son gave me a brief tour, and I picked up a pair of these and left my burnt gloves there for his dad to look at when they get back from a bike rally this weekend. They'll repair them if they're able to, and send them back to me in California. Turns out the Akiras are sized a little different. I needed a size 10, where I wore a 9.5 in the Galaxy. In case any of you are looking to get a new pair.

Now I'm in Asheville, going out for dinner soon and will try and catch Iron Man.

Here I am, at Held USA.

The warehouse where all the goodies are kept. No pic of the showroom, since it was nearly empty - the Held people are at a bike rally in GA this weekend.

My old crispy Galaxy gloves, and a new pair of Akiras.

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Geo Mealer said...

So what's your take on new Held vs. old Held? I remember Helmut really trashed them at one point.

re: the cops, the sacrificial asshole technique has served me well several times. :)