Thursday, May 08, 2008

Homeward Bound

Slept in this morning, which I sorely needed. I stayed up way too late, after going out to dinner with Nicole and Keith. Jesse from NY was actually in Phoenix yesterday visiting a client, so he joined us as well.

Headed out and stopped by Brent's place to say hi to him, his wife Rachel, and their new son Kyle. And then it was off to San Diego.

I struggled again with the heat and hydration today. After draining the camelbak, I stopped in Gila Bend, AZ. While sitting at a Burger King eating a chicken sandwich and downing cups of water, another motorcyclist walked in and we started to chat. Turns out that Bob is also heading to San Diego today. So I asked him if he'd like some company, and after lunch we headed west.

After weeks on the road by myself, it was really nice to have someone else along to chat with at rest and fuel stops. Bob also set a pretty good pace, and I was able to follow along without doing what I usually do - overdo it for a short time, and then feel worn out for the rest of the ride. Near San Diego we parted ways, and I made it to Walker and Renee's place, where I'm staying for my last night on the road. I'll also get to meet their son

Tomorrow, I head north back to San Jose and close out the last chapter of this road trip.


tonymiley said...

Hey Brad -

The beers are on ice and the Tequila is on the shelf at 511 Division Street.

Welcome home!

serene said...

Made that trip San Diego (Navy friends) to San Bernardino (why???), to Palomar Mtn. and back to LA. This prairie girl found the differences in temperatures and elevations to be otherworldly. Glad you had company for the ride. When you get there sometime today...Welcome Home!

R6Chick said...

Welcome home! Enjoy your own bed.

Chuff said...

hey! from the map is looks like you made it home! congrats!