Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pit stop in Seattle, running from snow

I'm in a Starbucks (in Seattle? NO WAY!) across the street from Lake City Kawasaki. They're doing the service on the bike right now, and wiring up the battery tender plug so I can plug in a heated vest. Then I'm off to another shop 10 miles away to pick up a vest, hopefully.

From there, it looks like I'm going to take I-90 east to Spokane today, and avoid the snowstorm that's sneaking up behind me and is about to put the smackdown on the pacific northwest.

From there, we'll see what my options are. Looks like Glacier National Park is being snowed on right now, so that's probably out for this trip. Nature is doing everything it can to make me stick to my "make it up as I go along" plan.


Unknown said...

I've vacationed in Glacier... the park doesn't really open until about a week before the July 4th weekend, so if you are planning a quick jaunt up to Logan Pass, I'm guessing your chances are between slim and none. I biked up over Logan, and there was still water/snow a plenty.

However, if you just want to pop in, see the low areas and avoid getting eaten by bears, then it's probably spot on for a quick detour. Enjoy some pancakes or stew on your way to the park, safe in the knowledge that the lumbermen there still pack heat on their hip.

loganlexow said...

Brad, hey it's your Service Team from Lake City Kawasaki. We just wanted to say thanks again for stopping in and giving us the opportunity to help you maintain your new bike and help support your victory ride!!! Keep the shiny side up and the rubber down!


Geo Mealer said...

Just checking in. Glad the trip seems to be going much better!

Chuff said...

Yeah, they are talking snow in portland too. Pretty nuts. Good thing you got the warm jacket.

Unknown said...

Good to see you are having fun. We are all keeping track of you. Stacy was especially tickled by your Starbucks reference, BTW.

Nice choice of bikes. Is it a better ride than your 650?

Loved your shots of the Sci-fi museum. Now I have another reason to get to Seattle some day.